Infrastructure in Uganda

In 2016 I had the pleasure to spend 5 wonderful weeks in #Uganda. Let me share some of my experience with the #infrastructure in Uganda.
Surprisingly enough Uganda exports electricity. The impact on the economy is tremendous. While most people in the capital own a generator or rechargeable battery, these don’t last forever. 1-2 hours max depending on your usage. Once there is no electricity, everything comes to a halt: the beauty salon’s hairdryer, the tailor’s sawing machine (some own mechanical machines because of this), not to forget your wifi system. Due to the electricity challenges, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most roads are without light.
I also had a mini-dump in front of my house where people come and burn their garbage. While the city and many private entrepreneurs come and collect solid waste, it comes at a cost. And many Ugandans prefer to burn their garbage as they might not want or can’t afford the price.
Getting clean water isn’t an issue in Kampala, but as soon as you leave town you will see kids and women carrying jerrycans full of water. These are some of the #challenges many of our entrepreneurs in Uganda have to overcome when they set up their business. – Dr. Karin Stumpf

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